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Help us improve health care delivery around the world by providing health care professionals needed continuing education
World Healthcare Educational Resources, Etc.

Dr. Konn with Rwandan students

Welcome! to the World Healthcare Educational Resources, Etc. website. 


The delivery of quality health care depends on competent health care professionals. In order for health care professionals to continually hone their skills and become experts they need to have access to up-to-date information and learning materials. For many, the expense of educational materials, books, conferences, and speakers is prohibitive and are simply not available. World Healthcare Educational Resources, Etc. was founded in hopes to assist those that do not have access to continuing education in order to improve the delivery of health care services.

We have four major initiatives.

     1) We collect health care textbooks and other educational materials and equipment for those that do not have access to them. Go to Books for Better Health for addresses in which books can be shipped to. We currently have facilities in Ghana, Haiti, Kenya, and Rwanda. You may also request books if your facility is in need.

      2)  Through the volunteer efforts of other health care professionals and the generosity of others we are able to provide healthcare professionals from developing nations access to continuing education through its Global Healthcare Training Initiative.

      3) Sharing expertise is the greatest gift one can give. Health care professionals who want to help may find out more about opportunities under the Volunteer section.

      4) Having opportunities to attend conferences and workshops is an important professional development activity that many do not have access to. With the support of those that have, opportunities can be extended to those that cannot.

We would love to also be able to offer scholarships to health care professionals to attend educational conferences and workshops to improve their skills.

Thank you for taking time to visit our site. We hope you will choose to partner with us and make a difference in the world. People helping people is WHERE hope lies....


Terry M. Konn, PhD, LRT

Founder and Principal Developer

Click here to get more information on how you can assist us in our efforts.

Get more information about the Global Healthcare Training Initiative.